Welcome to the New Siberian Republic WikiEdit

A group of like minded individuals attempt to establish a nation.

The New Siberian Republic InitiativeEdit

We are a group of individuals looking to establish a nation state where we can raise our children away from the degeneracy of the modern world.

There is some discussion relating to esablishing a nation in the wilderness of Siberia and on an island alternatively. At this time, the location of our new homeland is being debated. is an intriguing idea. Squatting here is currently being discussed. is the current website; this may change in the future.

Key Events Edit

  • Idea first proposed - 27th December 2014
  • Name 'New Siberian Republic' agreed - 27th December 2014
  • Kamchatka Peninsula agreed as location - 27th December 2014

Latest activityEdit

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