Potential Locations Edit

The Potential Locations are the places where we have considered as locations of our new Nation State.

Siberia Edit

Pros Edit

Rich, volcanic soil perfect for growing. 
Abundance of lumber
Abundance of fresh water and animals
Sparsely populated which gives us room to expand
Access to the sea for trade
Easy to obtain weapons

Cons Edit

Potential volcanic eruption
Russians would be constantly on our backs and spying on us
Harsh winters
Poisonous plants
Abundance of heroin

New Zealand Edit

Pros Edit

Beautiful environment suitable for a great nation 
Warm climate
Much of it's wilderness is unpopulated
Arable land
Access to the sea
No one will bother us as long as we mind our own business
No snakes or venemous insects

Cons Edit

Land is expensive
Lack of land mammals
Regular Earthquakes
Difficult to obtain firearms
Potential attacks from Maori 
Difficult to migrate en masse

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